SCHJA 2014 Palmetto Horse Points
Palmetto Hunter Derby Series  
Series Sponsored by: The Tack Room of Camden  
Trophy Donated by Brick Church Farm in 2012  
Sublime, Elizabeth Harrell, Mary Wooten $1,150
Classic Murmur & Taylor Hawes Kay $975
Mardi Gras, Ansley Robertson, Mary Wooten $920
Copper Canyon, Eileen Fontaine & Allison Campbell $570
Capponi, Highridge Farm, Susie Fried $525
Junior, Irene Reed & Matt Drummond $490
Pescado, Lee Heelan $450
Happy, Grace McShane, Christina Jason $450
Top Shelf, Southland Stables, Christina Jason $450
Icy London & Allie Augustine $330
Key to the City, Freda Jessen $330
Charleston, Charles Hairfield, Christina Jason $330
Paint By Number, Emma Smith $330
Giovanni & Hannah Pressler $280
Calvin Klein, Ashley Parker $260
Calypso, Lindsey Rigney $250
Caprioso 2, Darby Pease $240
Libretto, Cindi Prestage, Mary Wooten $200
Answered Prayer & Erin Wilber $200
Diplomat, Elizabeth Eubank $180
Liberty, Jessica Lang $180
Sense & Sensibility, Darby Howard $150
Go With Fate, Rylee Zimmerman $150
Revelation, Evermore Farm, Emmeline Guerard $135
All Inclusive, Creekside Farm, Brenda Terry $135
Caladora, Hartlee Blackhurst, Bailey Cone $125
Sox in the City, Lita Wangenstein, Rylee Zimmerman $125
Caire Paravel, Michaela Orsky $120
Hidden Creeks Tango, Elizabeth Long $120
Lion King, Terry Russell & Liza Thompson $105
Silver Creeks Appeal S, Baird Farm, Josie Baird $105
Oh Henry, Liza Thompson, Matt Drummond $100
Wintry Mix, Mary Elise Monroe $100
Cosil, Annie Diehl $100
Zeltonik, Jordan L Burton $80
Charlie Brown, Shayla Cataldo $80
Adult Hunter  
"Brave Friend" Trophy Donated in 1989  
Exactly, Courtney Truluck 482.5
Travler, Kristina Harmon 318
Libretto, Cindi Prestage 156.5
Hidden Creeks Tango, Elizabeth Long 146
Kensington's Remember When, Burnam Eubank 95
Sox in the City, McKenzie Armour 92
Drumfields American Heroine, Olivia Borowicz 88
Wild Lady, Katherine Ballentine 68
Dreams Gallore, Suzy Mattingly 67
True Dude, Providence Healthcare, Ashley Nicholson 66.5
The Black Pearl, Michelle Kennedy 60
Malena, Emily Rhodes 42
Wisdom, Brooke Hankinson 40
Count Rutledge, Irene Backer 38
Pink Lady, Caitlin Mahan 30
Lyons Creek Contador, Katherine Ballentine 24.5
Illuminate, Helen Gillick 24
Davero, JoAnna Rothell 24
Madison Avenue, Ashley Nicholson 22
Jean Luc, Brenda Terry 17
Happy, Grace McShane 15
Rockville, Annie Patterson 12
Blue Suede Shoes, Landrum Stables 11
Funny Face, Charlotte Hoffman 10.5
Owen the Bank, Ann D Taylor 8
Divine, Meredith Mateo 8
Citybound, Jenna Weiner 6.5
Tunica, Oakfield Farm Equestrian Center, Kit Menis 4
Rossignol, Jamie Corn 4
Timeless Classic, Shelli Day 3.5
Caridoro Z, Linda Bakker 0.5
Amateur Hunter  
Zeltonik, Jordan Burton 550.5
Zider-Z, Kellie Bass 417.5
Diplomat, Elizabeth Eubank 166.5
Happy, Grace McShane 140
Pescado, Lee Heelan 136
Raindance, Logan Landfried, Katie Drummond 102
Acantos, Cynthia Rowlett 84.5
Jean Luc, Brenda Terry 61
Lyon's Creek Contador, Katie Ballentine 51
Wild Lady, Katherine Ballentine 19
Zoot Alors, Lee Heelan 16.5
Icy London, Allie Augustine 9
Artful Crime, Erin McLain 5
Field of Imagination, Annie Diehl 2
Capponi, Highridge Farm, LLC, Susie Fried 1.5
Children's Hunter  
"Unexpected Pleasure" Trophy Donated by the Landrum Family in 1998  
Mardis Gras, Ansley Robertson 623.5
Ritzenhoff, Amy Carter 533
Character Witness, Cathy Granger, McKenzie Shearon 295.5
Louis Vuitton, Alix Neff 288
Wisdom, Brooke Hankinson, Karoline Hankinson 187
Viva Las Vegas, Alanna Geoffroy 162
Revelation, Evermore Farm, Emmeline Guerard 135
Finest Hour, Ashlen Rowe 119
Time Well Wasted, Kensey Jones 107
Farewest, Taylor Henderson 100
Cover Girl, Monica Nyland 94
Joon, Melinda Van Dyke, Anna Bradley Morrow 86
Don Camillo, Mary Elizabeth Caldwell 84.5
Hammond, Emmeline Guerard 79.5
Alpine Ben Venue, Meagan Jones 79
Spencer, Sabrina McCollough 71.5
Classic Murmur, Taylor Kay 69
Caladora, Hartlee Blackhurst, Lindsey Bailey 66.5
Tunica, Oakfield Farm Equestrian Center, Rawleigh Harris 57
Outer Banks, Grace Burud 57
Piano Man, Caroline Collier 48
Stone Harbor, Allie Gusmer 41
Lion King, Terry Russell 34
Broadway, Helen Ulrich 29
Tobolsk, Madison Meek 20
Port Royal, Reagan Adams 14
Junior, Irene Reed 9
Rain Dance, Logan Landfried 8
Oh Henry, Liza Thompson 8
Abacos, Monica Nyland 8
Destination, Taylor Harvey 6
Rainbow Row, Madison Golinski 5
Catch Phrase, Chloe Taylor 5
Ladies Man, Cate Griffin 5
Tex, Logan Landfried 5
Keepin' It Real, Morgan Smerdell 5
Enchantment, Kathleen Fritz 4.5
Paint by Numbers, Emma Smith 4
C Louis Z, Beverly Davis 1
Children's/Adult Jumper  
Trophy Donated by Chuck Thompson in 2010  
Wow, Cindy Wilberding 50.5
Couture Z, Traci Combs, Taylor Combs 50
Nebraska Z, Traci Combs, Taylor Combs 30
Spiderman, Elizabeth Melton 16
C Louis Z, Beverly Davis 10
Bread n Butter, Ashley Pace 10
Ferragamo's Feature, Jenna Weiner 8
Tyga, Ellen Knight 2
Crossrails Hunter  
Face Value, Charlotte Black 576.5
Sneaky Fox, Lucy Thornhill 575.5
Cisco Kid, Madeline Rubin 257
Sprite, Grace Truluck 140.5
Simply Henry, Holly Hurley 138.5
After Midnight, Oakfield Farm Equestrian Center, Morgan Heath 130
Bring the Applause, Lexi Conley 120
Deep Blue Sea, Catherine Cram, Elizabeth Cram 117.5
Queen of Hearts, Brianna Starnes 115
Blanc De Blanc, Derek Holt 108
Harbour Lights, Robb Imbus 63.5
Cloudy With a Chance, Kayla Jacobs 56.5
Raindrops on Roses, Emma Currie 55.5
Hillcrest My Happiness, Lucy Mills Sammataro 52.5
Highlands Windsong, Gracynn Gough 50
Frankly My Dear, Brooke Russell 44
Stick to It, Lindsey Bailey 36.5
Summer, Megan Bullock 19.5
Goliath, Maria Hackney, Emma Cooper 10
His Gift, Paige Brown 7
Pepperwoods Picasso, Lexie Townsend, Merritt Menis 4
I'm Spoiled So Rotten, Rebecca Brady, Paige Brown 2.5
Pig Pen, Robb Imbus 1.5
Green Hunter  
"Smokerise Charlie" Trophy Donated in 2002  
Key to the City, Freda Jessen 641.5
Exactly, Courtney Truluck 416
McManis, Nancy Bailey, Mary Wooten 308.5
Sox in the City, Lita Wangensteen, Rylee Zimmerman 241.5
Go With Fate, Rylee Zimmerman 200.5
Hannah Montana, Reflections Farm, Helen Noell Byrd 166
Playstation, Emilie Burton 118
Tobolsk, Madison Meek 92
Zoot Alors, Lee Heelan 85
Madison, Elise George 76
Chicago's Magnificent Milo, Chloe Collins, Bill Calvert 67
Alpine Ben Venue, Meagan Jones 46
Davero, JoAnna Rothell 44
Wintry Mix, Mary Elise Monroe 39
Contiki, Jan Seawell 36.5
Rainbow Row, Madison Golinski 34
Quinby I, Jamie Rardin 34
Chosen, Reflections Farm, Karen Kelley 33
Port Royal, Reagan Adams 31
Charlie Brown, Shayla Cataldo 26.5
Abacos, Monica Nyland, Karen Kelley 26
Stone Harbor, Allie Gusmer 19
Viva Las Vegas, Alanna Geoffroy 18.5
Ocorden, Dini Jones, Christina Jason 18.5
Paradox, Boyce Myers 10
Northeastern, Sarah Addy 4.5
Duchess, Jaana Rasmussen 4
Park Place, Souhtland Stables, Christina Jason 4
Junior Hunter  
"Balalaika" Trophy Donated in 2002  
Brightside, Sarah Russell 197.5
Ardastra, Ashley Parker 185
Life In Color, Natalie West 169.5
Caire Paravel, Michaela Orsky 137.5
Veritas, Elizabeth Melton, Katie Melton 135
Splotch, Lindsey Rigney 128
Oh Henry, Liza Thompson, Matt Drummond 120
Wintry Mix, Mary Elise Monroe 112.5
Junior, Irene Reed, Matt Drummond 109
Field of Imagination, Annie Diehl 78
Cover Girl, Monica Nyland 68
Answered Prayer, Erin Wilber 68
Giovanni, Hannah Pressler 67
Lion King, Liza Thompson 62.5
Mardis Gras, Ansley Robertson 60
Toulouse, Coleman Holland 57
Paint By Number, Emma Smith 54
Broadway, Helen Ulrich 28
Silver Creeks Appeal S, Baird Farm / Josie Baird 15
Stone Harbor, Allie Gusmer 7.5
Sense & Sensibility, Jeanne Smith, Darby Howard 7
C Louis Z, Beverly Davis 6
Drumfields Expensive Endeavor, Michelle Drum, Darby Pease 5
Paradox, Boyce Myers 5
Deo Volente, Anne Mason 2
Junior/Amateur Jumper  
Nebraska Z, Traci Combs, Taylor Combs 4
Long Stirrup Hunter  
Channel Crossing, Grace McShane, Caroline McShane 742.5
Southern Belle, Victoria White 395.5
Striking, Eight Oaks Inc, Isabell Reidman 350.5
Copper Canyon, Eileen Fontaine, Kendall Bullock 177.5
All or Nothing, Tilly Conley 172
After Midnight, Oakfield Farm Equestrian Center, Mary Bradley Heath 137.5
Woodlands Troubador, Briarfield Farm 111.5
Woodlands Mr. Mischief, Briarfield Farm 100
Caballero, Allie Belger 90.5
Terra Cotta, Eliza Cate 75
On the Mark, Emma Smith 48.5
I'm Spoiled So Rotten, Rebecca Brady 22.5
Special Effort, Evermore Farm 14.5
Rembrandt, Annie Walters 11
Heart of Iron, Kacy Schmitt 9
Fuerst Strike, Hannah Gates 7
Queen of Hearts, Brianna Starnes 2.5
Under the Radar, Landrum Stables 1
Pony Hunter - Green  
Finest Feather By Far, Tally Ho Equestrian Center, Amy Carter 282.5
Astraea, Mia Paletta, Kayla Jacobs 76
Pony Hunter - Large  
"Finally Found" Memorial Trophy Donated by Robin, Lissie & Katie Smith in 2010  
Debonair, Naia Tappa 651.5
Drumfields Stars & Stripes, Caitlin Cameron 540.5
Orion's Diamond Ace, Jessica West 387.5
Golden Opportunity, Maria Hackney 280
Moon Run Party Favor, Erica Rosinski 192
Evening Pink, Hannah Reed 154
Ever After, Irene Reed 118.5
Katydid Bessame, Kayla Jacobs 117.5
Belle Amie, Rawleigh Harris 115.5
Pinkey Promise, Lindsey Bailey 103
Cheval Blue, Lily Grace McCormick 99
Magical Cloud, Melissa Wiggins 96
Spilt Milk, Sydney Monckton 85
Aftershock, Sara Gates May 79
Wesmoore's Tangled Up In Blue, Jessica West 78
A Blond Moment, Erica Rose 74
Hidden Springs Chanel, Sarah Sloop 73.5
A Wrinkle in Time, Natalie West 71
Mapleside Knight Spot, Mia Paletta, Kayla Jacobs 55
Echo, Kara Jones 52
Foxlair Syncopation, Kayla Jacobs 40.5
Bellisimo, Rawleigh Harris 14
Just My Luck, Katie Drummond 13.5
Woodland's Mr. Mischief, Erica Rose 12
Woodland's Troubador, Briarfield Farm 10
Woodland's Pure Platinum, Alix Neff 8
Pony Hunter - Small/Medium  
Bazinga, Catherine Cram, Celia Cram 338.5
Cortina, Matthew Bravo 206
Pepperwoods Picasso, Lexie Townsend 177
Keep a Secret, Madison Baker 147
Swizzlestick, Matthew Bravo 96
Itsallgood, Elly Ficca 72
Daisy Due Blue, Shelton Houser 60.5
Gayfield's Easy Button, Caroline Holland 59.5
Champlain Shortcakes, Grayson Shelton 54.5
Rendezvous Road, Catherine Cram, Celia Cram 48
Highlands Windsong, Gracynn Gough 30
Ever So Clever, Matthew Bravo 29
Cloudy With a Chance, Kayla Jacobs 18
Queen of Hearts, Brianna Starnes 16
Sneaky Fox, Lucy Thornhill 14
Bed Head Ned, Glennair Farm 10.5
Pixie Hollow, Victoria Kirby 4
Pony Jumper  
Pre-Child/Adult Hunter  
Rylan, Abbey Martichenko 393.5
Harper, Cassidy Enright 356
Medallion, Grace Moore 286.5
Legally Blonde, Hope King 258.5
Southern Style, Katelyn Campbell 233.5
Sayo, Kristina Woodward 193.5
Knock My Sox Off, Angela Pollex, Mary Helen Elliott 146
Playstation, Emilie Burton 139
Apropos, Emily Orrell 137
Revelation, Evermore Farm 130.5
Tres Jolie, Emily Looney 105
Sneak a Peek, Sarah Walker 101
Stick to It, Lindsey Bailey 98
Springs to Mind, Danielle Slaggert 91.5
Woodlands Mr. Mischief, Briarfield Farm 86
Evening Pink, Hannah Reed 80.5
Airborne Magic, Brianna Brickle 68.5
Piano Man, Caroline Collier 67
Formal Affair, Amber Shaver 66
Moon Run Party Favor, Erica Rosinski 61.5
Catch Phrase, Cloe Taylor 61.5
Belle Amie, Rawleigh Harris 60.5
Debonair, Naia Tappa 54
Buck 'n the Blues, Shannon Daly 50
Reliant, Jordan Sigmon 43.5
Northeastern, Sarah Addy 41.5
Got Ya, Darby Pease, Mia Paletta 36
Davero, JoAnna Rothell 32.5
Rrasmodias, Sally Watkins 28.5
Keepin' It Real, Morgan Smerdell 27.5
Oh Henry!, Liza Thompson 26
Lost My Sock, Ashlen Rowe 21
Rainy Night in Georgia, Bridget Dieter 20
Ladies Man, Cate Griffin, Kirsten Streett 19.5
Golden Opportunity, Jane Garvey 16.5
Harbour Lights, Robb Imbus, Madison Imbus 16.5
Skip to the Right, Jordan Sigmon 15
Silver Linings Playbook, Madison Baker 13
Chicago's Magnificent Milo, Chloe Collins 12.5
Louis Vuitton, Alix Neff 12
Be My Witness, Olivia Schwartz 11
Autograph, Evermore Farm 9.5
Hammond, Emmeline Guerard 9
Orchard Hills Step Aside, Charles Hairfield, Jane Garvey 7
Enchantment, Katie Fritz 7
Alpine Ben Venue, Meagan Jones 6
Rigaletto, Kristina Harmon, Grace Carew 6
Port Royal, Reagan Adams 6
Mapleside Midas, Greer Campbell 5
This Very Day, Julia Williams 4.5
Mr. Personality, Alex Marchesani 4
Citizen Z, Linda Bakker 4
Pre-Green Hunter  
"Hitchcock Woods" Trophy Donated by The Gallop in 2003  
Della Street, Rebecca Fouche, Mary Wooten 892
Heart of Iron, Kacey Schmitt 219
True Believer, Kristen McDermott 133
Way Down South, Ashley Ralley 115.5
4 Dollar Limit, Lauren James 110.5
Foxlair Arion, Rebecca Darver 94.5
Lightly Salted, Glennair Farm, Mary Wooten 68
Special Pass, Michelle Kennedy 52.5
Double Take, Tim Hilkhuijsen 46
Keepin' it Real, Morgan Smerdell 27.5
Gavin's Chance, Kirsten Streett 16.5
I'm So Spoiled Rotten, Rebecca Brady 12
Davero, Joanna Rothell 2
Face Value, Charlotte Black 2
Regular Working Hunter  
"Dutch Creek Farm" Trophy Donated by Jimmy Wofford in 2002  
Zeltonik, Jordan Burton 82
Pizzazz, Linda Gavit, Stephanie Von Bidder 68
Cosil, Annie Diehl 64
Tyga, Ellen Knight 50.5
Lion King, Liza Thompson, Mary Wooten 24
Enchantment, Katie Fritz 18
Ariana, Stephanie Von Bidder 16
True Dude, Providence Healthcare, Bill Calvert 16
Canadian Club, Robb Imbus, Bailey Imbus 16
Short Stirrup Hunter  
"Kiwah Farm" Trophy  
Mischief Maker, Clara Saad 522
C Spot Jump, Gigi Manigault 511.5
Otteridge Swanson, Madison Matthews 454.5
Savannah Smiles, Kate Robinson 366.5
Polar Express, Grace Baronowski 271.5
Glynmagic Sun Chaser, Derek Holt 226
City Limits, Wynter Johnson 217.5
Joe Boxer, Katherine Reeves 195
Farnley Byron, Wendy Arndt, Elizabeth Cram 133.5
Sneaky Fox, Lucy Thornhill 102
Orchard Hills Step Aside, Charles Hairfield 98
Chauffeur, Sarah Walker 91.5
Woodlands Mr. Mischief, Briarfield Farm 71
Frankly My Dear, Brooke Russell 64
Coffee Bean, Derek Holt 63
Deep Blue Sea, Elizabeth Cram 58
King Arthur, Lena Temelini 53.5
Gimme a Chance, Lyles Addy 53.5
Whimsical, Hailey Nicks 34.5
Bellisimo, Rawleigh Harris 28
Raindrops on Roses, Emma Currie 15.5
Face Value, Charlotte Black 6
Kachina Doll, Isabelle Song 2.5
Queen of Hearts, Brianna Starnes 2.5
Cisco Kid, Madeline Rubin 2
Rigaletto, Kristina Harmon 1.5
Cloudy With a Chance, Kayla Jacobs 1.5
Special Effort, Eleanor Ellis/Evermore Farm 1